Eje’s is proud to have held a Swedish Royal Warrant of Appointment since 1990.

Welcome to Eje’s Chocolate!

Eje’s Chocolate – a chocolate and confectionery business founded in 1923 – is one of Sweden’s oldest and most prominent family businesses.

Our professional expertise has been handed down through the generations.  The love and care that we put into every single handmade chocolate, and made from only the very best raw ingredients, is why Eje’s Chocolate has received a Royal Warrant of Appointment in Sweden.

Eje’s chocolates are crafted on site, right behind the shop walls, so the chocolate barely has time to set before it graces the display in-store.

All our chocolate and confectionery are sold loose or in stunning gift boxes. Quite simply the perfect gift – whether for yourself or for that someone special.

“The chocolate is only sold in our own shop. We have no affiliated companies or resellers. We often receive requests from other companies who wish to sell our chocolates – most recently from none other than Harrods in London! But we took the decision to keep this a small-scale, family business – because that’s both our tradition and our heritage".

“Our legacy is to manage and carry forward Eje’s unique heritage and to make sure that the family business is now and continues to be the place it is famous for being,” says Linda Ardebäck, the company’s owner and CEO.  

“Imagine if people realised the measure of craftsmanship involved in what we do,” says Linda’s husband, Jonas Nilsson, who married into the family and, as a proud Master Chocolatier, is responsible for all of Eje’s delights.

The tried and trusted skills, dating back to the early 1920s, are still used and all of the chocolates are made by hand. “We’re well aware of the modern tools available to us, but that completely misses the point,” continues Jonas. “Recipes don’t specify love and care, but they’re absolutely vital to the results.”

Over the years, Eje’s has delivered chocolate to most of the world – to private individuals, embassies, and royal families.  A study trip to London, with purveyors to the Swedish court, saw Eje’s chocolates being delivered to the British royal family.

And in return, we received a personal thank you letter from no less a personage than Queen Elizabeth herself! Eje’s has also been very successful in Japan, where we received a splendid award from the Japanese ambassador to Sweden.

Eje’s chocolates are fresh produce and should be eaten straightaway, but we guarantee that they will keep for around 3 weeks.

The chocolates should not be kept in a refrigerator: ideally, they should be kept at +16°C in a dark, dry place.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our little piece of paradise, next time you’re in Stockholm!

At Eje’s Chocolate, every customer is a guest of honour.

“Our goal is for every customer to feel valued and pampered.”

A visit to Eje’s Chocolate is an experience like no other.

Reach out to us or visit our store!

Telephone Nr.

+46-(0)8-664 27 09

Contact Information

Ejes Chokladfabrik AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 25
115 32 Stockholm, Sweden

Facts and figures

Swedish Royal Warrant of Appointment since 1990
Number of employees: 7

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m
Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m
Sunday, CLOSED
Please note: we close for the summer every year from Midsummer’s Eve to the end of August.

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